About us

Studio ANNABEL is the Amsterdam (NL) based designstudio and independent mini publishing house run by Annabel Keijzer.

Annabel Keijzer Illustrates, designs, creates and publishes (award winning) books, products, art and prints. She likes to publish limited editions. When the products are sold out, she creates something new again. That's how she protects the exclusivity of her artwork and that's how she can retain her characteristic color use and playfulness.

Annabel is always excited to try out something new, characterized by colorfulness and simple design language: she creates characters out of graphic shapes and she makes ink drops cuddly. Even buildings come to live.

Her first book ‘My Letter Friends' is the outcome of years sketching and tweaking. The book showcases her love for typography and illustration. Since the launch, My Letter Friends have step by step started to conquer the world. The books are featured at Art Book Fairs and sold from Belgium, Japan: Tokyo, to USA: Los Angeles, New York, Portland Oregon. The book is loved by parents and children alike.